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Did you know...?

GRR You read the link!!! Why did you? WHY!?!? Anywayz, for those nice people who didn't, this is the DID YOU KNOW... section, find out facts about LFO here.

Did you know...

  • The song Summer Girls was written by Rich. It is about this old girlfriend he had when he was seventeen?
  • In "Can't Have You" it says "You probably think I'm out there being a player" and in the video of "Summer Girls" they're acting like players?
  • LFO, stands for Lyte Funkie Ones? Yeah, you should know that, BUT, you know how they got that name? They tried to think of the most original name, and the weirdest name that they could think of.
  • Rich helped write a lot of the songs on LFO?
  • Bob Fischetti (Brad's brother) helped convince Brad to join LFO, and that LFO thanked him on their CD?

I'd like to thank Laura Fischetti (Just a fan, in no way related to Brad) for helping me create this section, so um... Thanks Laura!