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Welcome to Cheese Place Thingy Whatever you want to call website for all of you psycho Cheese lovers like me who made this really long title with All these words that are really psycho like all of us thingy title!!!

I love cheese! You love cheese! Lets go get some ham and some bread and make a sandwich! CHEESE!


September 26th

Sign the Guestbook! Ah! It's pink! It's the end of the world!

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Yeah, go cheese! Oops, this isn't yellow!

There! Dang! It's blue!

Ok, this is it. Ah! It's lime colored!

This is it! Ah! Fushia or however you spell it!

There. Ah! It's grey!

There! It's yellow! Yay! :::Starts dancing to The Cheese song::: Cheese-a-roni! The Crazy psychoitic wacko who made this website treat!

Why we all love cheese:


Beef Cheese-a-roni, The San Fransico Jacksonville Treat!

Cheese Pics: (Ah! Here we go again!)

Yeah! It's Yellow! Hey! How'd it get red! Who's doing that!? Stay yellow! Stay!


Those are nice cheese pics huh? By the way, I made those! I'm cheesy! Cheese rocks! CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!!!

THAT CONCLUDES TODAYS CHEESE! To Bad, huh? Maybe some other day!

Ring of Cheese
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You are cheese type to come and see this psychotic page!