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Pokémorphs #1: The Power

Chapter 1

Hi, My Name Is Joel. And I can morph into pokémon. You think I'm crazy? You think that is weird? Wait until you here this. Earth is being attacked, by Chartwos.

What's a Chartwo? The second version of a Charmander, and stronger. Team Rocket wanted to make another powerful pokémon, so they could be the better than they were already, which wasn't very good.

But there plan backfired, the Chartwo's were to small, and started to take over pokémon. Team Rocket could not control them, and let them go.

There mission was to rule all pokémon, but when they tried to take over a Ditto, it didn't work. So they tried killing them if they couldn't infest them. But the Dittos fought back. But how did I get the power to morph into pokémon? Good question, And here is my story.

"Hey Joel! Wait up!" My friend Patrick said. We were going home from school.

"Hey Patrick," I said. "What's up?"

"Nothing Much, but Me, Colin, Brittney, and Erica were thinking about going pokémon seeing. Wanna come?" He asked.

"Yeah, sure," I said. "Let's go now, ok? Before it gets dark."

"Ok, cool. I'll get Erica, you get Brittney. Meet you at the south side of the mall in 45 minutes," He said.

I walked off to Brittney's house. I had a lot of homework tonight, but I guess I must say I sort of \i like \i0 Brittney. When I got to her house, I knocked. Brittney opened the door.

"Hey Joel," She said. "Are you going pokémon seeing?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Colin wants us to meet over in the south side of the mall, you ready?"

"Hold on, almost."

After she finished doing whatever she did, we walked to the south side of the mall. We talked about if Snorlax could beat Onix, and some other things. We weren't sure what would happen that night, but if I thought sky diving would be dangerous, I would've choose that over what would happen that night.

Chapter 2

We met Colin & Erica by the mall. We walked out to the woods talking a little, and when we got there, we all had our backpacks.

"Hey, Colin," I said. "We never finished our Bulbasaur/Squirtle battle. You have your pokéball?"

"Yeah," Colin said pulling out a pokéball. "Squirtle, go!"

I pulled out my pokéball. "Bulbasaur, go!"

Our pokémon appeared. "Bulbasaur, vine whip!" I yelled. Bulbasaur smacked Squirtle with his vines. "Squirtle, water gun!" Colin Yelled. Squirtle shoot Bulbasaur in the eyes with the water. I don't think Bulbasaur could see well since Squirtle finished him off.

"Bulbasaur, return!" My Bulbasaur returned.

"Squirtle, return!" Colin's Squirtle returned.

We all started to walk farther in the woods, and then we saw it. A ditto.

I heard the voice, but I didn't really hear it. It was in my head.

"Brittney, Colin, Erica..." I said. "Did that Ditto just talk? I thought pokémon could only say there names."

"It seems like a Mew, you know, a senitent pokémon. I wonder if it knows how to make waffles." Erica said. Erica likes to joke around.

"The Char-whats?" Brittney asked.

"How?" Colin choked, probably ready to wet his pants.

"Is that crap or what? I mean, how were they created?" I asked.

It was another "voice" thing in our heads.

"Hello Jax-Fowl-Moth, where are you?" Erica said.

We looked up, and in the sky was a Zapdos. I guess the ditto had taken form of a Zapdos.

He said, as he landed. When he did, he started mutating I guess you could call it.

"Hello Jax," we all said. "How did you do that?"

The first Ditto said.